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Atlantic Platform

Modern Web Architecture

The Atlantic Supply Chain Suite is Java-based and built upon a modern, cloud platform.  

We support all modern web browsers.

The Rich Client is HTML5 compliant and uses javascript and AJAX for responsiveness

The Atlantic Supply Chain Suite is memory-resident for lightning fast performance.  We persist data to XML.

Whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud, the Atlantic Platform is ready to scale to meet your business requirements.


Configuration and Customization

The Atlantic Supply Chain Suite is built with many user configurable options to specialize functionality to meet your unique business requirements.  The suite is designed to allow configuration without breaking compatibility with future upgrades.

Similarly, the Atlantic Platform includes built-in scripting using JavaScript to support custom algorithm development and procedures.  Custom scripts are kept isolated from the production code base, again ensuring future release compatibility.  Unlike some other solutions, no proprietary programming languages are involved.