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The Atlantic Supply Chain Suite organizes Planning and Scheduling data in an in-memory Catalog.  The catalog contains two types of objects, Dimensions and Cubes.



Dimensions are lists of data objects.  Many different data objects can be contained by a dimension.  The simplest object type, a "Simple Dimension Entry" consists of a Code and Description.  For example, a Machines dimension could contain the entries {DPRESS1, Drill Press 1}, {DPRESS2, Drill Press 2} and {SAW, Band Saw}.

Dimensions can also contain Scheduling objects such as Demands, Operations, Facilities and Products.  Each of these objects must have a unique code that identifies it in the dimension.  Dimensions cannot contain duplicate codes.  When a Scheduling object is displayed in the catalog, its properties are displayed for editing.  For example, if the Facilities dimension is displayed in the Catalog, the facility code, facility description, facility group, etc. would be available to edit.  The picture below shows a catalog view of the FAC dimension:



Cubes are matrices of data, dimensioned by the catalog dimensions described above.  One dimensional, two dimensional and three dimensional cubes are all supported.  The picture below depicts the Bill-of-Materials cube for a Linear Programming model.  The row dimension, OPR, contains the operations that the LP can plan.  The column dimension, PRO, contains the products that the operation consumes and produces.  The cube contents show the yield.  For example, a negative one (-1) in the cube indicates that one unit of a product is consumed for every unit of the operation planned.



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