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Capable-to-Promise for Manufacturers

Capable-to-Promise technology allows manufacturers to promise capacity feasible ship dates to customers.  During the customer ordering process, customer service representatives can determine, in real-time, shipment dates that are both low cost and feasible given the existing manufacturing schedule.  Unlike ERP systems, which rely on quoting ship dates against inventory, Atlantic considers production contraints, changeover costs and the existing schedule to determine when a requested product can be made. For manufacturers who satisfy at least some of their customer orders from production, rather than inventory, Atlantic Capable-to-Promise can be a game changer.

In addition to enabling customer service representative, Atlantic Capable-to-Promise can also be used to power customer self-service ordering.  Using an intuitive calendar user interface, Atlantic Capable-to-Promise makes customer inquiries easier than ever before.


Capable-to-Promise for Distribution Centers

Another great example of Atlantic Capable-to-Promise is warehouse or distribution center dock scheduling.  The screenshot below shows Atlantic being used by carriers to self-service reserve docks at an airport distribution center.


Atlantic Capable-to-Promise requires implementation of Atlantic Scheduler.