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Atlantic Supply Chain Suite Frequently Asked Questions


Atlantic Planner and Scheduler are licensed for a 3-5 year term license.   We want everyone in your organization to use the Atlantic Platform, so license cost is based on the number of facilities, inventory locations and operations planned and scheduled.

Clients can license Atlantic Planner, Atlantic Scheduler or both.  Cost is based on the number of inventory locations, facilities and operations planned and scheduled.  Contact us at to get a quote.


Atlantic Planner and Scheduler require data that describes the raw materials, production and distribution processes that are to be planned and scheduled.  The majority of this data is typically availalble in ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards etc. 

Required master data includes plants and facilities to be planned and scheduled, products, inventory locations, production rates, yields, changeover costs and times and costs.  Required dynamic data (which changes from day to day) includes customer orders, inventory levels and expected arrivals of raw materials.

The Atlantic Platform includes data import tools to enable importing, error trapping and posting of model data.

The Atlantic Supply Chain Suite server code is written in Java.  Client code is GWT, compiled into JavaScript.  Persistence is to a MongoDB.  Consultants and clients can write custom scripts in JavaScript to interact with the suite.


Absolutely.  We deploy to either Windows or Unix servers.  Since Atlantic is a web application, deployment involves configuring a Tomcat, Jetty or other Java HTTP web server, installing the Mongo DB database, and deploying the application.

The scheduling model in Atlantic Scheduler is data-driven.  We define the Products to be followed in the model and the Locations they are stored in.  Products can have Demands over time, starting inventories, and ending inventory targets.  Operations consume and produce Products and can be defined as batch or continuous.  Operations are assigned to Facilities as Scheduled Activities which occupy that Facility for the duration of the Activity.  A sequence of Activities on a Facility can incur setup times and setup costs defined by the characteristics of the Operations and Facilities involved.  We define which Operations can run on which Facilities at what costs and rates.  If necessary, we can define which Locations are upstream and downstream for each Facility.  We are confident that the scheduling model in Atlantic Scheduler is rich enough and flexible enough to capture any scheduling situation.  If you have doubts, give us a call and we'll answer your questions.