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Atlantic Supply Chain Suite Features



Data Import

We are ready to take data from your ERP system, or from your spreadsheets, or from any computerized data source you have available.


Data Catalog & Data Editing

All data is held in memory, made accessible through a Data Catalog which you will find to be amazingly familiar and easy to use.



Pivotable Scheduling Board

The main scheduler interface is an interactive, pivotable Gantt Chart which allows the scheduler to easily view the schedule by facility, by operation, by user, by problem type, or by other dimensions like 'recently changed.'  Lines indicating material flow are superimposed on the display. Inventory plots are shown on demand by user selection or by the selection of options like 'show all negative inventories.'  


Scheduling Grid

For those who prefer a more traditional interface, a Scheduling Grid provides access to the scheduled activities on a line-by-line basis for facility schedules.


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Multi-User Capabilities

The Atlantic Supply Chain Suite runs in the cloud (or on a corporate server) accessed by browsers.  It can accomodate multiple simultaneous users and provides powerful facilities for defining data ownership and visability.  Multiple schedulers can work directly and simultaneously on a master schedule.  Alternatively, a scheduler can do a 'what if' study on a copy of the master schedule and later merge his changes into the master schedule if he likes the results.  Sales representatives can get timely answers to 'capable to promise' questions as well as track the progress of committed orders. Supply chain managers can see bottlenecks before they occur and obtain real-time estimates of all production costs.


Complete Planning/Scheduling Integration

All of the modules in the Atlantic Supply Chain Suite run on in-memory data defined in the data catalog; there is little distinction between planning data and scheduling data.  Import the data from your ERP system to define a scheduling model.  This data can then be used to generate a multi-time-period production planning model automatically by the SchedulingToPlanning function.  The solution from the production planning model can be used to generate scheduled activities in the scheduling model by the PlanningToScheduling function. 



Math Programming Optimizers

Atlantic Planner has interfaces with commercial optimizers Gurobi and Xpress as well as the Gnu open source optimizer.